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This site provides resources to assist you in learning about patents, intellectual property, and what may be involved in protecting your innovation. Whether you are an individual innovator, a researcher/developer working within a corporation, or simply curious about a career in the patent profession, this site has relevant information for you. If you have any comments regarding this site, or if you are interested in finding out more about protecting your idea or innovation, feel free to contact the site's maintainer, Curtis B. Behmann, at curtis@behmann.ca.

Curtis B. Behmann is a Partner and patent agent in the intellectual property group at Borden Ladner Gervais, one of the largest law firms in Canada. Working in BLG's Ottawa office, Curtis specializes in securing patent protection in Canada and in the United States for inventions in the electrical engineering, telecommunications, computer, software and business method areas, among others.

Curtis Behmann is committed to providing excellent quality professional service with honesty and integrity, resulting in strong patent protection and satisfied clients. He is also committed to continuous learning in order to keep up with current developments in patent law and in technology. Combining his experience working on both sides of the patent business (in government and in private practice), Curtis brings a unique perspective to a wide range of clients including individuals, academics, local startup firms, and large multinational corporations.




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